Moving Supplies List

Starting out with your moving process can be confusing, time-consuming, and expensive. If you’re packing everything on your own, there are a few questions you should be asking yourself before you get started, like how many boxes you’ll need, what kinds of boxes and supplies you’ll need to keep everything organized and easy to find, and how much space your boxes will take up during transit. Of course, with the help of the Certified Moving Solutions moving service brokers, you can get all the help you need, whether that’s information on the supplies you need to move or full-service packing, moving, and unpacking to help streamline your move.

Figuring Out What’s Moving

If you’ve decided that you want to self-pack, you’ll need a few supplies to get everything ready before your dedicated moving team arrives to load everything for transit. First and foremost, you need to figure out what is going with you and what you’re going to be leaving behind. Whether you’re donating items, decluttering with a trash bag or even a dumpster, or you’re leaving things for friends and family to use once you’ve moved, setting aside the things you’re not bringing with you is key. This way, you don’t have to worry about accidentally packing something you don’t need or want and eventually having to figure out what to do with the unwanted items. Once you’ve decided what it is that’s being moved, you can take stock of how many boxes you’ll need, what sizes, and the styles of moving materials you’ll have to obtain.

Organizing Your Belongings

Organizing your belongings into rooms, categories, sizes, and moving requirements will help you to keep everything ready for unpacking without a lot of stress. A great example of this kind of organization is putting together all your master bedroom items that are delicate so that you can pack them into a small box with bubble wrap or cushioning materials. When you have everything organized this way, you’ll find that it’s easier to get the supplies you need because you’ll have an outline of how your things need to be packed in order to make it to your destination safely. Of course, if you’re unsure about how best to organize and pack your items, you can always ask our team for insight or ask about packing services for your move, too.

Everything You Need:

As a general rule, there are a few indispensable items you’ll need in order to get started with packing and organizing for your upcoming move. Here’s our preliminary list of items you’ll likely need:

  • Different types of tapes for different uses, such as shipping tape, duct tape, and masking tape

  • A tape dispenser to make packing and taping boxes quicker and more efficient

  • Materials to put in boxes to protect your belongs, such as foam peanuts, bubble wrap, wrapping paper (preferably unprinted), newspaper, blankets, furniture pads, and even foam inserts

  • Material to protect the house while moving items, such as tarps, sheets, or even old blankets and towels that can get dirty or torn.

  • Box cutters, because you never know when you’ll need to break down a box or open a new package of moving materials!

  • Cling wrap, which is perfect for wrapping around jewelry stands to keep necklaces from getting tangled, drawers to ensure they don’t open or have tape residue stuck to them, and so much more.

  • Markers to label boxes for each room and what’s in them

  • Tools for disassembling furniture

  • Scissors

  • Bags to keep small items that easily get lost, keeping furniture hardware organized, and to ensure your delicate items are easy to protect.

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