Privacy Policy

This is an agreement between the customer listed above and Certified Moving Solutions LLC., based on the information provided by the customer. Certified Moving Solutions LLC., put this agreement together based on the list of items provided by the customer and services requested at the time this estimate was prepared. Your price may change based on the agreed-upon rate per pound and/or cubic feet if you add any additional items and or should you require any additional services.

This estimate includes the following:

• Professional Door-to-Door service.

• Expert advice and guidance throughout the course of your move.

• Disassemble of all standard furniture required for safe movement at the origin.

• Reassembly for all items disassembled by the movers on the day of pick-up at destination.

• Wrapping of all furniture with quilted moving blankets.

• Itemized inventory indicating condition at origin of items.

• Loading & unloading of all goods.

• All transportation, taxes, tolls, mileage, and fuel surcharges.

Standard cargo protection up to $10,000 based on 0.60 cents per lb. per article; if selected at the time the estimate is prepared, estimated cost of the full value protection option at varying deductible levels (these are only estimates and the actual cost is determined by your selection on the carriers bill of lading according to carriers tariff).

• No elevator charges.

• No charge for packing tape and moving pads.

• No date change penalties for requests that are made 5 business days prior to the first available pickup date.

Additional fees and Accessorial Services (if applicable to the move):

• If not included within the agreement, professional packing services are not included. However, it is at

the discretion of the mover at the time of pickup to determine if items will require professional packing services. In these instances, additional charges will be applied. These items include but are not limited to the following: televisions, mirrors, glass tabletops, wall art, contents within dresser drawers, etc. supplies, such as bubble wrap, shrink wrap, boxes, etc. are not included

• Items being transported that are not stackable, are considered Bulky items. A Bulky item charge will apply for those not stackable items, as deemed by the mover at the time of pickup. If there is more than one flight of stairs at your origin and (or) destination which require the movers to transport items beyond the first flight, there will be a charge of $75 per additional flight. There will be no charge for the first flight of stairs at either the origin or destination. Most movers within the Certified Moving Solutions LLC network perform the pickup and delivery using a tractor trailer (18 wheeler). Drivers must have the ability to park within 75 feet at both the origin and destination points to avoid long carry charges. Depending on the size of the job, long carry charges start at $150.00. If the tractor trailer cannot park within a reasonable distance, shuttle services may be required. Shuttle services begin at $300.00.

Delivery Schedule:

Delivery window starts at your 1st available day to receive:

East Coast / West Coast: within 21 Business days. East Coast / East Coast: within 10 Business days. East Coast / MidWest: within 14 Business days. East Coast / Central US: Within 18 Business days.

West Coast / MidWest: Within 21 Business days West Coast / North West: Within 14 Business days. West Coast / East Coast: Within 21 Business days. West Coast / Central US: Within 18 Business days.

MidWest / East Coast: 2 - 14 Business days. MidWest / Central US: 3-18 Business days. MidWest / West Coast 7-21 Business days. MidWest / MidWest: 1-5 Business days.

*** Unless arranged otherwise with your representative. *** Delivery window starts at your 1st available day to receive.